Sunday, 9 April 2017

Cantara Version 4.3 is GA

Version 4.3.0 is now available for download. This release provides the following improvements:
  • Support for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne tools release 9.2.1
  • Support for Cantara user definitions
This adds to the features released in version 4.2 which were:
  • Native AIS support
  • Custom extension framework
  • File routing
  • Managing scheduler output including email
  • SFTP media access

Support for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne tools release 9.2.1

With the release of the 9.2.1 tools, the JD Edwards product now moves a number of components to database storage. In particular, UBE output as well as media object attachments are no longer stored on normal file storage. With version 4.3 of the Cantara Integration Platform we have included support for accessing UBE output and media object attachments.

Cantara User Definitions

You can now create client end users within the Cantara Administration Console rather than only utilising JD Edwards user accounts. Cantara enables user overrides, such as address book number and default branch to set at either individual user or group level. Each user or group can then connect through to JD Edwards using a single JD Edwards user account.

Native AIS Support

Cantara supports all of the features of the Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne AIS server. Therefore you can now build completely integrated solutions that leverage off business functions, the JDE data access layer, report execution and now interactive applications within a single solution.

Custom Extension Framework

Cantara now provides a completely extensible framework that enables custom solutions and integrations to be built within the Cantara Integration Platform. Extensions can be provided for other third party solution integrations, such as or Microsoft Sharepoint, as well as custom business logic modules for complex integration requirements. Extensions can also be scheduled which means that you can incorporated custom components into you batch scheduling requirements.

File Routing

With file routing, customers are now able to direct file attachments to multiple destinations. Cantara accepts file either through the REST interface or via email submission. Using metadata associated with the file it can be routed to multiple outputs including file storage, printers or media object attachments. For example, you can generate a invoice from within BI Publisher in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and then have the output attached to the Sales Order Header within JD Edwards for easy reference. It can also be stored in a document management system at the same time provided an indexed archive.

Scheduler Output

From within the Cantara Administration Console it is now possible to view the PDF output from the schedule jobs. In addition, an email destination can be set for each request so that the PDF or CSV output can be delivered via email once the job has completed.

SFTP Media Access

In addition to the existing SMB and FTP access methods, Cantara now supports the more secure SFTP protocol for media object file access.

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