Wednesday 25 March 2020

Cantara Version 6 is nearly here

Rinami is pleased to announce that we have reached the final round of testing with our early adoption customers on version 6 of the Cantara Integration Platform and we expect the new release to be generally available in April 2020. With version 6 of the Cantara Integration Platform we're introducing a number of significant enhancements both in terms functionality and underlying technology.

Performance Improvements

Significant development has been undertaken to improve the performance and efficiency of the Cantara platform. Function service response times have been reduced by 30% and data query services are now between 50% and 75% faster than Cantara 5 in equivalent environments.

Query Enhancements

Cantara 6 now supports the use of the JD Edwards Data Access Drivers for data access in addition to the XML List kernel support. This improvement provides both increased query performance and the addition of LIKE filter operators. Future releases of Cantara 6 will support the definition of complex SQL queries that can be exposed as REST services.

Support for modern deployment solutions

With the move to containerized deployment architectures, Cantara 6 has been designed from the ground up to support and thrive in modern cloud based infrastructure. This means consistent deployment and performance across Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with simple deployment and highly scalable delivery through Kubernetes and cloud database services.

Additional Security Providers

The platform will add support for Azure AD and Steltix Transparent Logon as security providers in addition to the current support for JDE Security Servers, LDAP, Active Directory and Everest Single Sign On. Cantara 6 also supports the deployment of OAUTH2.0 and JWT for increased security options.

Improved Administration Console

The Cantara Administration Console has undergone a major refresh in terms of UI/UX and underlying platform. The console is now fully responsive across multiple devices as well as demonstrating significantly improved performance in modern browsers.

Latest 64bit JD Edwards Tools Support

Cantara 6 supports the latest tools releases from JDE including updated Orchestrator support. This has been achieved whilst still proving backwards compatibility all the way back to the 8.98 toolset.

Simplified Installation and Configuration

The Cantara 6 platform has been redesigned to reduce complexity and simplify the installation process. This has provided improvements both in terms of raw system performance as well as effort required to deploy and maintain the platform.