Thursday 4 August 2022

Capital Asset Management That's Well Connected


Rinami's Mobile CAM connects asset service teams with the planning systems used across your business. The mobile app provides a user-friendly way to view and manage work orders - wherever you are working, and because it's based on Cantara Integration Platform, it has the advantage of real-time interaction with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. So all data is live.

Mobile CAM shows asset maintainers an up-to-date and prioritized listing of requested work items. You can set it to display only the work that has been assigned to you, your crew, or a particular site. You can also search for information about a particular asset. However, the strengths of Mobile CAM become more evident when you see the content within a work order.

Enhanced Work Instructions

Mobile CAM provides access to clear information enabling your team to complete maintenance tasks safely, efficiently, and in compliance with standards. These aren't lofty goals - they're essential requirements that need to be facilitated. Mobile CAM can present step-by-step instructions, parts drawings and photos, manuals, or a video showing how to replace a part. This is particularly helpful for a team member who may be unfamiliar with an aspect of the asset. There may also be attachments with tooling information, required permits or safety advice.

The app also highlights exactly what information needs to be recorded. As individual tasks are checked off, Mobile CAM gives team members confidence that they have done what is required.

Streamlined User Input

Mobile CAM provides an easy way for workers to record the outcome of asset inspections and repairs, and update job status. This data, together with the parts and hours consumed, is immediately shared back to other business teams. So by the time a team member lets you know that stock is getting low, it's probably already been re-ordered.

Like all Cantara mobile apps, user input is streamlined so that using the app is never a burden. Think of simple checklists, status selectors, meter entry... when you're working on equipment you can't stop to write a book. The app is efficient, designed to become a natural part of performing a task, rather than an extra chore.

Mobile CAM allows equipment meters to be recorded at any time, and eliminates the problem of rushed handwriting that needs to be deciphered later. The app immediately checks the entered values against the last readings stored in JDE, and makes sure they're valid. Meter reads (or measurements from any device sensor) can be conducted as part of normal asset operation, or during any maintenance event, rather than being left until end of month or worse. The readings drive future maintenance planning, so it's easy to see the value in keeping them up to date. They impact on reporting, parts procurement, external inspections and labor requirements.

No Paperwork

Another advantage of Mobile CAM is that it eliminates service paperwork, so maintainers can spend more time maintaining equipment, and less time writing up, printing and collating the required documentation. Reports can be generated automatically, based on the work order details entered during maintenance. Working without paper might improve job satisfaction too.

Noticing Problems As You Go

We all recognize that mechanics can save us a lot of heartache, and money, by keeping up with preventative maintenance. Yes, inspection of parts wear will help you optimize an asset's productivity; but knowing that a turbo needs to be replaced before the whole engine is destroyed is more critical. That's why Mobile CAM lets maintainers create additional work orders, for issues they may notice on the job. An additional work order can be created while the mechanic is right beside the machine, and they can attach marked-up photos or other details that should be captured. Creating a work order takes seconds, and the information goes straight to JDE, ensuring that problems are not forgotten.


Cantara supports numerous authentication providers and complies with modern security methodologies, including LDAP, Everest SSO, JDE, Steltix TLX10, OAuth2 (including Azure AD and Firebase) and Trust. Role-based access applies to all users, whether logging in to a cloud-based or on-premises Cantara server, or a Cantara mobile app. The connections between Cantara mobile apps, Cantara servers and JD Edwards use SSH encrypted communication links too.

Mobile CAM


Mobile CAM handles a range of asset management functions:

  • Work order search, view and update (including checklists for work order close)
  • Parts issue (and return of unused parts)
  • Labor details, including time entry (as hours, or via start/stop buttons)
  • Asset service history
  • Pre-start equipment checklists
  • Safety enhancements like operator fatigue checklists
  • Offline support (allowing you to travel in and out of mobile range)

The app can be customized with additional features, such as Item Search or Inventory Inquiry. All functionalities can be aligned with your specific business processes.

The Mobile CAM app and Cantara Integration Platform are a capital asset management solution from software company Rinami, with headquarters in Queensland, Australia.

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