Thursday 9 February 2023

Increasing Efficiency for JD Edwards Job Schedules

The Cantara Scheduler offers JD Edwards customers major advantages for optimizing and managing batch jobs.

Advanced Scheduling Features

Optimization is a theme throughout Cantara. The first thing to notice about Cantara Scheduler is that scheduled jobs can be packed more closely together. At first that might concern you, if you're in the habit of spacing jobs apart just to ensure that one completes before the other starts. However, Cantara lets you configure dependencies between jobs, so completion of one job can trigger another. That's efficient.

Configuring job times includes some other advantages too. Cantara lets you choose finer-grained timeslots, so smaller unrelated jobs don't have time wasted between them. There are some additional trigger types available too, letting you configure schedule patterns that are just a bit more complex. Try scheduling "every thirty minutes during business hours except for the three days around month end". With Cantara it's easy. You can even specify that a job must occur a certain number of days before an event.

Expected job durations can be configured, and actual times are monitored so that you'll know if a job has finished too quickly (suggesting an invalid data selection) or is taking too long. That knowledge can be used to decide if a job was successful, and whether the next job should be allowed to start. In fact, you can specify job sequences that will only continue if every member of the group returns success. This holds true even if the jobs are allocated to different servers. 

Inspecting Your Schedule

To provide better visibility of your schedule, Cantara offers a Gantt chart view. It spans an adjustable time period and can focus on one or all streams. A stream can identify jobs for a particular area of the business.

You can see that the engineers at Rinami continually strive to offer more optimizations and more value for JD Edwards users.

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